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Axel Concato has the fingers he needs to play several instruments, a voice to charm, a physique to offer him equal pleasure and pain, and a musical talent to get him sought after. Born in Normandy, the town's influence on his music can still be heard today, largely because he's (still) surrounded by many of his childhood friends. He had a happy childhood, effortlessly picking up guitar, keyboard, bass guitar and drums. Possessed by the spirit of rock'n'roll, his musical gift led him to quit Paris for Camden, London, in 2001. Represented by Andy Ross, he was picked up to play keyboards in several supporting acts. In 2003 he toured Texas for the South by South West festival with Country-Punk band the White Russians, expressing the same finesse with which he and Barth (with whom he has recorded two albums) supported The Pretenders. We can't help but mention that after said Pretenders gig Paul McCartney insisted on personally congratulating Axel's keyboard skills. Still on the brink of 2004, Axel formed Axel And The Farmers in London, with English musicians. He went on to play multiple concerts with the band and by the combined grace of his swagger and silhouette, starred as an extra in a number of TV shows and ads...

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