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Bernhard Eder grew up in a little farming village in the Austrian countryside. After spending his youth on his mother's farm, he decided to become a car-mechanic, but soon realized that his love of music was much stronger than that for cars. After putting down his wrenches he formed a band called "wa:rum" with some friends and started playing at parties and small festivals in his region. In 1997, Bernhard decided to move to Vienna to study Audio Engineering.

Two years later, after finishing his studies in Audio Engineering, he began studying jazz vocals at the Vienna Conservatory. In the meantime he released three records with "wa:rum" and become popular on Austria's biggest alternative music radio station; FM4.

Together with his new band and a notebook full of new songs he recorded "Tales From The East Side". This masterfully produced and orchestrated album hums in a tone both modern and old, swaying in slow-motion between the perimeters of folk and indie and leaving the listener with a slight taste of Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, and José Gonzales. Though his influences are apparent, Bernhard Eder has a voice all his own and uses those influences not as templets to shape himself with, but as fuel to propel his music in new and exciting directions.