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They are impulsive, stylish, straightforward. Charter stands for authentic, ecstatic rock – inspired by the different, strong characters of the four musicians. In their songs the Finnish way of life of frontman Antti mixes with Berlin´s vibrant creativity and an individual drive for freedom and an escape from simple life. Influenced by the greatness of bands like Placebo, U2 and The Killers, the band takes melodic-catchy indie pop-rock on stage. With tracks like “Impossible You”, “Trust” and “Girl” they deliver an energy-packed show leaving you with goose bumps.

As a newcomer band, the four musicians got together about a year ago. Frontman Antti who has worked as a songwriter in Dublin and London before, met Tilman in a bar. Burn and Thomas joined a few months later. Each one of them has his own musical background and was looking for something new. With Charter they are sharing their dream together. On numerous stages across the country, they've already enthused their audiences. As support for The Boxer Rebellion, they accompanied the German tour, convincing audiences and journalists alike at the Popkomm.

In the second year after forming the band, the John Fryer (Him, Depeche Mode) produced album “Impossible You” will hit the stores. An amazing debut of an expressive band!

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