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Litoral is a name that is bent off of Pau Roca’s worries. The band consists of Iván Cuevas, Javier Monserrat, Manu Moreno, Guillaine Goose and Pablo Magariños; musicians with baggage from different origins and perspectives whom draw, as they say in one of their songs, an ¨electrocardiogram¨ on the map. Doing honor to their name their music coordinately drinks Mediterranean folk. 

By using only acoustic instruments each musician is able to mobilize their own instruments. They do not see distance with their public yet cautiously interact with the people as they throw large dosages of positive energy that is felt through smiles and interactive hand clapping. 

Their first EP, "1" contains four songs, the first single  “A segle of paisatges” quite easily expresses the groups natural aura. It’s as if Pau’s Spanish guitar leads the percussion which is played with Pablo´s palms to keep a  rhythmic pulse  added with the brushstrokes of Iván's voice. Definitively born music to caress the ears and the spirit, something to be enjoyed in any place of the world as it transports you to an idyllic moderate place such as a special moment by the sea. The ¨El nostre meridià de Greenwich¨ is a beautiful bossa nova song played by a Portuguese guitar, which creates a frank and yet impressive psychedelic effluvia. Tauntingly the EP continues with "Una dona que dorm ", another precious acoustic game of shades and texture that is covered with idyllic images of a beautifully sleeping woman. The EP closes with  "A la vora del mar" a song that begins with an introduction of African percussions and ends to evoke a pleasurable Mancunian pop. Another declaration of the beginning, which is only the beginning and a far way from any end.

"1" has been edited in 12" vinyl and limited edition CD´s which are specially numbered and sewn. The design has been illustrated by Diana Sudyka (known by her works for The Decemberists, Jeff Tweedy and Andrew Bird).