Popkomm has ended


In the midst of the music industry crisis Norman Palm had an idea: Why not visualize the bedroom-recordings he had made in his last art-school days in Paris, produce a hi- 200-page artbook
around the CD, name it Songs and throw it on the collapsing market via his own DIY-record label? Ignoring everyone’s advice paid o : Not only did Norman’s book sell, soon was he invited to
play live shows all over Europe. He played at countless art events, sang next to Jane Birkin in a Parisian radio studio, was hyped by music sites such as Stereogum, got lmed by french Blogotheque
and eventually found himself featured on the world’s most visited blog run by Hollywood gossip boy Perez Hilton. Norman Palm got around.

Norman’s lightweight melancholy and carefree feeliness, his brilliant songwriting and touching lyrics just make it just too easy to fall for this one-of-a-kind multi-task-ing-singer-songwriter!